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A Shape Grammars Approach to Bvlgari’s Emerald Necklaces Design Language


For more than forty years now, shape grammars have been the interest of many researchers in many domains including Paintings and Arts, Architecture, and Product Design [March, 2011]. However, by tracing the time line of shape grammars under “Product Design”, it does not show any interest in “Antiques or Vintages” as such [Chau et al. 2004].

This paper addresses shape grammars as a style generator of Bulgari’s emerald necklace designs, being considered as a vintage that bears a specific style, character and importance as a cultural symbol.

The paper discusses the issue of style in design. Then it presents an analysis of four of Bvlgari’s emerald necklace designs to induce the shape rules governing the style. Then it presents a shape matrix out of which a new design is developed, which is compared to another Bvlgari’s existing product to demonstrate the applicability, value and advantages of the approach.