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A sort of parallel manipulator known as a pantograph robot mechanism was created primarily for industrial requests that required high precision and satisfied speed. While tracking a chosen trajectory profile requires a powerful controller. Because it has four active robot links and one robot passive link in place of just two links like the open chain does, it can carry more loads than the open chain robot mechanism while maintaining accuracy and stability. The calculated model for a closed chain pantograph robot mechanism presented in this paper takes into account the boundary conditions. For the purpose of simulating the dynamics of the pantograph robot mechanism, an entire MATLAB Simulink has been created. The related Simscape model had been created to verify the pantograph mathematical model that had been provided. Five alternative tracking controllers were also created and improved using the Flower Pollination (FP) algorithm. The PID controller, which is used in many engineering applications, is the first control. An enriched Fractional Order PID (FOPID) controller is the second control. The third control considers an improved Nonlinear conventional PID (NLPID) controller, and the parameters for this controller were likewise determined using (FP) optimization using the useful objective function. Model Reference Adaptive Control (MRAC) with PID Compensator is the fourth control. The Fuzzy PD+I Control is the last and final controller. A comparison of the different control methods was completed. A rectangular trajectory was chosen as the end effector of the pantograph robot's position reference because it displays performance during sharp edges and provides a more accurate study. The proposed controllers were used for this task to analyse the performance. The outcomes demonstrate that the Fuzzy PD+I control outperforms the PID, FOPID, NLPID, and MRAC with PID Compensator controllers in terms of performance. In the case of the Fuzzy PD+I control, the angles end effector has a lower rise time, a satisfied settling time, and low overshoot with good precision.



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