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Multi-Rotor Wind Turbine (MRWT) has been proven advantageous over Single-Rotor Wind Turbine (SRWT) in many aspects. In order to study the performance of MRWT over SRWT, this work presents a low-cost and low-weight design for a test rig for laboratory-scale wind turbine configurations. The configurations under study are a single-rotor, and a twin-rotor of the same size with a diameter of 30 cm. Aerodynamic loads have been calculated using the Blade Element Momentum (BEM) method, then the loads were used for stress analysis over the test rig proposed. The test rig is designed on Solidworks and the aerodynamic and inertial loads were applied for static structural analysis. The analysis showed that both configurations are safe against failure and the deflections were reasonable to ensure low vibrations which may affect the turbine performance. The single-rotor configuration test-rig is about 16 gm in mass, with a 1.67 factor of safety, while the twin-rotor configuration weighs 360 gm with a factor of safety of 3.7.



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