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The impact of the built environment, urban form, and urban morphology on individual's perception, experience and wellbeing has been the focus of many studies in the past few decades. Additionally, the impact of the built environment and its spatial characteristics has been recently studied from different approaches. Literature review shows that various research has been conducted on the impact of the built environment and travelers’ behavior and modal choice. However, few studies have been conducted on the impact of the built environment on travelers’ perception during mobility. Thus, this manuscript attempts to theoretically establish a link between the epistemology of urban form and morphology, urban mobility and transportation, and subjective wellbeing. A review of the body of literature on urban form, morphology and built environment is carried out. This to identify the main points related to subjective wellbeing which are listed by urban planning and design pioneers. In addition to reviewing literature on transportation, urban mobility, and travel behavior and its relationship with subjective wellbeing. This to highlight the main subjective wellbeing variables that are effective, as long as transportation and urban mobility is concerned. Afterwards, a review is conducted on the field of subjective wellbeing metrics, scales, and schedules. In which each scale is reviewed to identify the fields it was deployed in for further studies. The manuscript concludes by highlighting the subjective wellbeing scales that could be deployed in further studies related to urban form, morphology, built environment characteristics, and urban mobility. The findings could be deployed in further urban studies that target measuring subjective wellbeing in relation to the characteristics of the built environment.



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