Jordanian Educational Journal


This study aimed at assessing the prevalence and practice of academic procrastination among university students, as well as to know the extent of the differences in their behaviors and practices toward this phenomenon in accordance to their gender, specializations, academic level, and grand point average (GPA). A sample of (442) student from Mutah university was randomly selected in order to achieve the goals of the study. To achieve the goals of this study, Aitken Academic Procrastination Scale was used to collect the data for this study (Aitkin, 1982). Results of the study showed the presence of a moderate level of such behaviors and practices with regard to academic procrastination among university students. The results, also, showed no statistically significant differences in behaviors and practices of procrastination among university students in accordance to their sex, specializations or academic level. On the other hand, the results showed a statistically significance differences in behaviors and practices toward procrastination among university students regarding their grand point average (GPA) between students with a (weak) GPA, and those with an (excellent) GPA, in favor of those who are with the (weak) GPA. As well as between students with a (good) GPA, and students with an (excellent) GPA, in favor of those who are with a (good) GPA.



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