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This study aimed at evaluating computer science textbook of twelfth grade, from southern Jordan educational directorate supervisors and teachers point of view. The study population consisted of all supervisors and teachers of computer science in southern Jordan educational directorate. The population of the study consisted of 14 male and female supervisors, 226 male teachers, and 406 female teachers. To accomplish the purpose of the study, a 87-item questionnaire was designed and divided into six areas: (objectives, content, teaching aids and activities, evaluating means, and technical appearance of the book).

The study concluded the following results: the degree of the samples' evaluation of all areas of the twelfth grade computer textbook was high, whereas there were statistical differences in teachers and supervisors point of view in all evaluating areas of computer textbook.

The study recommends that it is important for high-qualified teachers to participate in authoring and developing school textbooks.

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