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This study aimed to identify the status quo of the competitive distinction in the Jordanian public universities in light of the contemporary administrat­ive trends.

To achieve the study goal, a questionnaire had been developed consisted of (77) items; its validity and stability were confirmed, then distributed to the study sample which consisted of (304) faculty members.

The study depended on the descriptive survey method in its data collection. Results of the study showed that the degree of evaluating the status quo of the competitive distinction in the Jordanian public university from the point of view of the study sample was at medium degree.

Furthermore, the study results showed no statistically significant differences due to the variable of the work nature in all fields.

The researcher recommended in light of the results the adoption of contemporary administrative concepts in universities management such as (Total quality management, knowledge management, and reengineering which lead to raising the level of the university basic functions towards the global contention.

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