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The present study aimed at identifying the degree of application of educational accountability and its relation to the degree of administrative effectiveness in the directorates of education in Jordan from the point of view of the heads of departments. The descriptive relevance approach was used to derive the relationship between the variables of the study. A 50-item questionnaire has been constructed and administered to a cluster random sample of 125 heads of departments from six directories divided evenly between the north, the middle, and the south regions. Findings of the study show that the level of educational accountability enactment is rated good. However, the level of administrative effectiveness is rated very well. This indicates a higher degree of symmetry between the level of accountability and the rating of effectiveness. Findings also show no significant effect of independent variables of gender, department type, and region on the administrative effectiveness in the directorates. Results show a significant difference between the three regions pertaining to educational accountability enactment in favor of the north and the south regions.

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