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This study aimed at studying the effect of using the desynchronized electronic learning (CD-ROM) in improving recital of the holy Quran level among fifth grade students. The study population included all male primary school students in public schools affiliated with the Education Directorate of Irbid district during the second semester of 2015-2016. The sample of the study consisted of (72) students divided into two groups: experimental group (n = 36) which were taught using CD-ROMs, and control group composed of (n = 36) students studied in the usual manner.

The study showed significant differences between the mean of the experimental group scores and that of the control group scores in the post-test in the reading improvement level test. The results of the study also showed the effectiveness of the use of desynchronized electronic learning using CDs in improving the level of recitation of students of the Holy Quran through the use of the Black equation. The study concluded that the use of CD-ROMs in educational environments is important because it is important for students to adopt themselves through self-learning and to save time and effort on students and teachers.

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