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The aim of the study was to identify the the level of Alexithymia in The study aimed to identify the level of Alexithymia in obese females in Amman- Jordan, in addition to the differences in the prevalence of Alexithymia due to the variables of age and educational level. The study utilized the descriptive approach. The study sample included 300 women with BMI (greater than 30 kg / m2), and the Toronto Alexithymia Scale (TAS-20) for measuring Alexithymia. The study found that there were differences in the level of Alexithymia among the sample, as the less educated people are more affected by Alexithymia, where as there were no differences in the level of Alexithymia according to the age variable.

The researchers recommended that further studies need to be done to address the problem of Alexithymia, and the work on increasing the awareness and the knowledge of women in terms of expressing feelings and ideas as a kind of mental health, which constitute an important part of physical health.

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