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This study aimed to identify the effect of a program of therapeutic exercises in the treatment and rehabilitation of patients with slipped disc in the lumbar region according to the parameters of the pain scale and the elasticity of the back from all directions (front, back, right, and left) and degree of disability. The study was conducted on an objective sample of 10 patients with a slipped disc in the lumbar area of the age group (40-50 years). They were selected from all the reviews of the physiotherapy center at Al-Eman Hospital and were treated using a program of (8) (4) days a week. The researchers used the VAS, the Goniometer to measure the back elasticity of all directions, the Disability Degree Index, and the appropriate statistical analyzes were used: the arithmetical averages, standard deviations and t- test. The results showed significant differences between the pre- and post- measurements in the degree of pain, and the elasticity of the back from all directions (front, back, right, and left), the degree of disability and the benefit of telemetry.

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