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This study aimed at investigating the effect of an educational program based on Marzano's Dimensions of Learning model on the development of moral-self among Ninth grade students in the Islamic Education Subject in Jordan. The researchers have adopted the semi-experimental approach in the study. The sample consisted of (50) ninth grade students from Madaba First Secondary School for Boys in Madaba Directorate of Education for the academic year 2016/2017. The school was chosen because it suited the conditions of the study in addition to being close to the researchers. The control and experimental groups in the school were randomly assigned in a way that members of the experimental group studied the proposed program, whereas members of the control group studied the regular program.

To achieve the study objective, a scale for the moral-self development has been constructed. The scale was applied on the experimental and control groups, the study results have shown statistically significant differences at the level of (a =0.05) in the moral–self level in favor of the experimental group.

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