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The aim of this study was to identify the effect of ovarian cycle stages on the anaerobic capacity and some physiological variables for Taekwondo players. A sample of (13) players with the average weight of (56.27± 7.95) kg, average height of (164± 6.62) cm, and average age of (15.77 ± 1.64) years was selected for this study. The study was conducted based on the experimental approach that suited the nature of this study. The tests of this study used special anaerobic capacity protocol in which the measurments of the study variables (heart rate, blood pressure, blood Lactate level, temperature, and average energy of anaerobic capacity) have been collected through.

Statistical Packages for the Social Sciences (SPSS) was used to analysis the data using Two Way Repeated Measure ANOVA in addition to computational averages, standard deviation, Bonferroni test, and t-test. The results revealed significant statistical differences at (α

The researchers recommend conducting similar study in the future for its importance in the filed of sports training. The researchers also recommend measuring other physiological variables to help to increase the players’ awareness of the vital physiological changes that accompany their ovarian cycle to help them to deal with those changes in appropriate way during their trainings and in scientific ways

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