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This study aimed at investigating the effect of blended learning on the motivation of sixth grade students in Quraiat at Kingdom of Saudi Arabia towards mathematics. The study sample consisted of (51) sixth graders students، were deliberately selected from a public school in Quraiat، and distributed randomly into two groups: experimental group (25) studied through blended learning، and control group (26) studied through normal method. In order to provide answers to the study question، the researcher used the motivation scale. The validity and reliability of the instrument were verified by the suitable educational and statistical methods. After analyzing the results statistically، the findings were: there were statistical significant differences in the motivation of students towards mathematics attributed to the group، in favor of the experimental group. The study recommended to activate the blended learning method in the educational process in general، and in teaching mathematics in particular as this method of teaching helps to raise the level of students motivation to learn. And the need to urge mathematics teachers in different school stages to focus on the blended learning method and contribute actively to stimulate motivation for learning mathematics.

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