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This study aimed at identifying reasons of injuries among female gymnasts in some private centers in Amman, and knowing the most common kind of injuries among them according to the used gymnastics equipment. The researchers have used the descriptive method in this study and a questionnaire was developed to collect data for the study.

This study has been conducted on a sample of (114) female gymnasts forming (73%) of the study population which is (156) players. Means, standard deviations, Chi-squared test, frequencies, and percentages were used as tools to analyze the data. The results of the study showed that the most common reason for injuries is lack of proper warm-up and the most common kind of injuries are recklessness (recurring 102 times) with a percentage of (20.69%). The results also showed that the most common place of injuries is the ankle joint (recurring 73) with a percentage of (9.83%).

In the light of the study, the researchers recommend that the players should take care and strengthen the injured joints particularly the ankle joint, the wrist joint, the shoulder joint before the start of training the basic skills of gymnastics.

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