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The current study aimed to describe and analyze the content of the Arabic studies that dealt with guidance for gifted students from 2000 to 2017 in terms of research objectives, research areas, and research methodology. The descriptive analytical approach was used and the study research sample consisted of (41) Arabic studies. The findings of the study revealed that the most prevalent goals in Arabic studies dealing with the guidance of gifted students from 2000 to 2017 were related to the development of the emotional and psychological skills.Also, it was revealed that the most widely spread form of guidance was educational and most of the studies made pertained to group guidance. In addition, experimental and semi-experimental research methodologies were used mostly. Psychological measures were used as research tools mostly and, most of the studies have used the quantitative method for data collection. As for the research samples, it was indicated that most of the studies were conducted on high school students. In terms of gender, the ratios were fairly close, and most of them took female students as samples. Additionally, the mostly used samples were less than (50). At the end of the study, a series of recommendations were presented by the researchers.

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