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This study aimed at identifying optimism and pessimism as well as their relationship with the locus of control among the handball clubs players in Jordan according to the variables of; the place of residence, years of experience, and playing line. The researchers used the descriptive approach due to its compatibility to the study nature. The study sample consisted of (230) players of the handball clubs players in Jordan. The researchers used the scale of optimism and pessimism (Schiere، Carver), as well as the scale of locus of control (Rotter). The researchers used means, standard deviations, t-test and z-test as statistical methods.

The study results showed that there were no statistically significant differences at (α≤0.05) due to the relationship between optimism and pessimism with the locus of control according to the variables of (the place of residenc, years of experience, and playing lines. Besides, the results indicated that the handball clubs players are characterized by the optimistic tendency. The results also indicated that the locus of control among the handball clubs players in Jordan was internal.

Based on the study findings and objectives, the researchers recommended the need of paying more attention to the psychological traits among the Handball clubs players due to the positive impact of that on promoting dependence on the players own abilities in interpreting their success and failure.

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