This study aimed to identify the feeling level of psychological security among Syrian refugee students in Ajloun Governorate schools from their point of view, and to know the impact of the variables (gender, educational stage, and type of school) on their estimates of the feeling level of psychological security. The survey descriptive method was used, and A questionnaire was used to collect the necessary data to achieve the study goals, which randomly distributed to (425) Syrian refugee students. The results showed that the psychological security level of the study sample was high on the overall scale and all domains, the study also showed the presence of significant differences at the level of significance α = 0.05 in the estimates of the individuals of the study for the feeling level of psychological security due to the (gender (variable, in favor females. And the absence of significant differences due to the variables (educational stage, type of school). Regarding the results the results of the study, the researchers recommended several recommendations, the most important of them are: Working to reassure students towards their academic future and urging them to participate others on their various occasions.

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