This study aimed to identify the impact of corporate governance on the organizational citizenship behavior of Jordanian insurance companies. The study was based on five institutional governance dimensions, which are: Disclosure, Justice, Responsibility, Independence, and Accountability. Along with five organizational citizenship behavior dimensions: Altruism, Courtesy, Sportsmanship, Conscientious and Civic virtue.

The study population reached (403) managers in the upper and middle administrative positions in the Jordanian insurance companies. A random stratified sample method was adopted for the purposes of representing the study population. (191) were distributed and (156) questionnaires were retrieved. The researchers also used a few statistical methods to analyze the study data, the most important of which are simple and multiple regression coefficient. The study has reached many results, the most important of which are the high levels of institutional governance dimensions, namely disclosure, independence, accountability, medium dimensions of justice and responsibility, and high levels of all dimensions of organizational citizenship behavior.

The results of the study showed that there is no statistically significant impact of institutional governance on organizational citizenship behavior.

Based on the results, the researcher suggested a set of recommendations that will hopefully help Jordanian insurance companies in raising the levels of institutional governance, the most important of which is the need for the Jordanian insurance companies' departments to deepen their understanding about the concept of corporate governance among all employees regardless of their administrative levels.

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