Higher education is one of the important aspects of strengthening human resources and developing their capabilities and capabilities in the country, in all areas of social, cultural, political, economic, and other life. Therefore, all academic, educational, and educational institutions are keen to improve the quality and outputs of higher education, because it is the human wealth that will develop and prosper in society. Many of the internal and external factors of these institutions affect the quality of higher education. Hence, the interest in researching the awareness of workers in the higher education sector - administrators, employees, and teaching staff - in various institutions of higher education and at all levels, in order to obtain high-level outputs for higher education and to implement quality programs that seek to improve the performance of workers in this field , Which is applied by the government to the administration of higher education, universities, colleges and institutes, and this research is qualitative and not quantitative. And what is their role in raising awareness, leading to the fact that the application of the quality education system is optimal to obtain educational outcomes that meet the needs of the labor market and raise the capacity and efficiency of the worker and his institution.

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