This study aimed to find out the degree of practice of the school principals of the Wadi Al-Seer district of innovative leadership and its relationship to the quality of school performance, and the study used the correlative survey descriptive approach, to achieve the objectives of the study. The two researchers prepared two questionnaires, a questionnaire for school principals ’practice of innovative leadership and a questionnaire for the quality of school performance. A teacher and teacher in public and private schools in the Wadi Al-Seer district, they were chosen by a simple random method. The study found a number of results that there is an average level of innovative leadership practice among the principals of Wadi Al-Seer schools, and the results indicated an average level of quality of school performance for the school principals of Wadi Al-Seer, and the results showed a statistically significant correlation between innovative leadership. The study recommended holding courses for training on modern strategies that enable school principals to deal with new innovative ideas, and holding training courses for school principals to increase their knowledge of innovative leadership methods so that they can predict problems before they arise.

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