The study aimed to identify the effectiveness of a supervisory supervision program based on the cognitive model in reducing the level of psychological burnout among educational counselors in the governorate of Irbid. The sample of the study consisted of (30) male and female educational counselors working in public and private schools in the Directorate of Education for the Bani Obeid District. The study sample members were distributed randomly into two groups: an experimental group with a number of (15) male and female instructors who received training, and a control group of (15) male and female mentors who did not receive training. The performance of members of the experimental and control groups was measured on the psychological burnout scale before and after the supervisory program, while the follow-up measure was taken for the experimental group one month after the end of the program. The results of the study showed that there were statistically significant differences in the post measurement between the experimental and control groups on the Burnout Scale and its dimensions in favor of the experimental group. The results also showed that there were no statistically significant differences on the total score of the Burnout Scale and its dimensions between the post and follow-up measures.

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