The main aim of the following study is to know the effect of plyometric program training on some Kinematic variables on lunge of Jordanian fencers, the researchers used the training curriculum because it’s the suitable for this type and nature of this study.

By creating an experimental program that includes the measurement of before and after for the

experimental and control group. the study community consist of 200 fencers from the Jordan fencing federation, the study sample consists of (16) fencers from the Jordan fencing federation, the researchers divided the fencers into 2 groups (experimental group and control group 8 fencers in each group (. After applying the proposed training program during the period that was chosen and applying the before and after tests, and obtaining the results and processing them statistically as well as discussing the results the researchers concluded that using the plyometric trainings has an impact on developing the power of speed of the fencers, there are different results between the before and after test specially for the experimental group and that is a result of using the plyometric trainings. The researchers recommend the use of plyometric exercises to develop physical elements and specifically muscle ability and the researcher also recommends the use of plyometric exercises to improve and develop the values of the kinematic variables of the skill of attacking and thus improve the athletic achievement and the use of plyometric exercises in the period of special preparation for fencers because of their positive impact on the physical and skill aspect.

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