This study aimed at identifying the level of psychological vulnerability, emotional suppression and the family cohesion among adolescent female students who were victims of bullying in Jordan. Also, the capability of family cohesion and emotional suppression in predicting the psychological vulnerability, to achieve the objectives of the study, an accessible sample of students was selected, consisting of (95) female adolescent female students who are victims of bullying. The results showed that the mean scores of the psychological vulnerability, emotional suppression and family cohesion were moderate. Also, the results indicated that there is a predictive ability for emotional suppression with psychological vulnerability, while family cohesion did not predict psychological vulnerability. The results also found that there were no statistically significant differences in psychological vulnerability due to the level of parental education, and the study recommended the need to pay attention to the category of adolescent girls who are victims of bullying, and to conduct family awareness programs on the needs of adolescent girls and to implement programs to increase their rehabilitation and ability to cope.

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