This study aimed to identify the impact of f strategic fit on business continuity management in Jordanian commercial banks with the mediating role of strategic agility, the study used sampling strategy by selecting an appropriate sample from the study population; the descriptive analytical approach was used, through the development of (a questionnaire) as a main tool for data collection. This study was applied to a sample of (254) managers, and multiple regression analysis and simple regression analysis were adopted.

The study results indicated that there is a statistically significant impact of strategic fit with its dimensions in business continuity management in its all dimensions collectively in Jordanian commercial banks, the presence of a statistically significant effect of strategic fit in terms of its dimensions collectively in business continuity management in terms of its dimensions collectively through strategic agility as a mediating variable in Jordanian commercial banks, a number of recommendations were formulated to enhance the strategic alignment in the management of business continuity, which will be positively reflected on the strategic agility of Jordanian commercial banks. One of the most important of these is to focus on developing products and services provided to customers on a continuous and participatory basis in line with their changing needs and desires, while reducing costs as much as possible, and in proportion to the internal and external fields through research and development processes.

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