This study aimed to identify the degree of effectiveness of parent-teacher councils as perceived by supervisors, principals, and teachers. The descriptive correlative approach was used, and the study sample consisted of (48) supervisors, (116) principals, and (465) teachers, who were chosen by the available method. The results showed that the level of effectiveness of parent-teacher councils in primary schools in the Kasbah of Irbid was high, and the results of the study also showed that there were statistically significant differences between the study members’ estimates of the level of effectiveness of parent-teacher councils in basic schools due to the gender variable in favor of females, the educational qualification variable in favor of bachelor’s holders, the experience variable in favor of those less than 10 years old, and the job title variable among supervisors. Educators and school principals are in favor of school principals, and between educational supervisors and teachers, and in favor of teachers. The difference was not statistically significant between school principals and teachers.

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