This study aimed to identify the degree of contribution of faculty members at Yarmouk University in promoting the values of citizenship among students considering the digital transformation. The study aimed further to assess their estimates based on gender, specialization, and academic rank. The study sample consisted of stratified-random (290) faculty members. To accomplish the objectives of the study, a questionnaire was designed which consisted of (35) 3-point Likert scale items, divided into three dimensions (digital security, digital environment, and digital culture). Results revealed that the overall faculty members' estimations of the degree of their contribution was Moderate. Furthermore, the results indicated that there were no significant statistical differences between respondents' means at (α = 0.05) with respect to gender or specialization for all dimensions, except for the field (digital environment) and in favor of the humanities. As for the academic rank, there were no statistically significant differences, except between those with the rank of lecturer and assistant-professor in favor of lecturers in (digital security), in between lecturers and full-professors in favor of lecturers in (digital environment), and in between lecturers and full-professor in favor of lecturers in (digital culture).

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