Midad AL-Adab Refereed Quarterly Journal

Midad AL-Adab Refereed Quarterly Journal


I ask Praise to you, and satisfaction for you, and sleep to you, and your confidence, and resolution with you, the in Praise you increase, and greater satisfaction for you bladders, In sleep you Tocla, and trust your sincerity, and in the decision you healthy, and to look at Qrank worship and prayer.

What Sarhat consider the Quran, and verses evidence, I came across a the word of his words naira namely (graves) Vtammelt in place of verses and found three Vochtertha to be title research marked (states graves in the Holy Quran analytical study) has necessitated the research plan to bedivided into two sections:

The first topic: Overview on the mandates of the graves and includes:

The second topic: the meaning and extrapolates it includes:

The systematic study analytical approach, known Bouktoath but I did not mention the reason down to the fact that the verses is associated with it. The studies relied on AMAT books and language interpretation and readings.

At the end of the study reported findings, and they were the following points:

1 - In the study indicate the ability of God absolute in character, and in re-creatures after wear and be ashes in terms of the verse: (and beating us, for example, and forgot about his creation, said of restoring bone which Rmim, Say greets her that created the first time a all create great) .

2 - In the study, referring to the ability quick blitzkrieg is in shock puff, and the loss of everything on him (and breathed into images in the heavens and the earth, but God willing) And interpreted shock death, and puff the Resurrection and do Lord of the Worlds as in the verse: (And the trumpet if they from graves to their Lord mound) and saying: (then breathed into him the other if they do look) .

3 - In the study indicate the Resurrection in terms of meaning: (swore in God faith effort does not inspire God to die without a promise it really) and the verse: (they would say of us back Say which Aftrkm debut) .

4 - In the study, referring to the description of the case and how to go to a day of reckoning position to hear the judgment of God in them, in terms of the verse: (day no soul is wronged in anything, not requited except what ye)