Midad AL-Adab Refereed Quarterly Journal

Midad AL-Adab Refereed Quarterly Journal


After writing for this search (preexisting and commissioning wisdom) have reached some results, including:

- very presence is worship, worship in Islam not Kalebadh in other religions, all the work he does is recognized Eptga face God and this was a valid work is worship.

- self-worship inhabit and reassure the heart and the effects of worship.

- worship achieve a dignified life through social solidarity, passed by Islam through Zakat.

- worship unite the nation and make them row for one of the weft by reason of worship at one time and one place.

- worship is not only competent in the statutes, such as prayer and fasting, but is a comprehensive intervention in every detail of the joints of Ethics virtuous life and ethical conduct worship.

- minimum religion worship policy by approving a straight and justice among people and the prohibition of injustice and eating the rights of others.