Midad AL-Adab Refereed Quarterly Journal

Midad AL-Adab Refereed Quarterly Journal


Through our research on the subject of state Fools in marriage in Islamic jurisprudence proved to us several results reached with some recommendations.

First results are:

1. State in terminology is legitimate (authority over the person of the minor upbringing and Ttabiba, and other behaviors related to his person).

2. State two types: the state of the soul, and the state money, and intended state of self-it makes to its owner the ability to act in matters relating to a person Mawla him to save and discipline, education and marry and other behaviors related person or is the ability to create a marriage contract in force with no need to leave from a conservative on the same minor.

The state money: Virad authority that owns the guardian acts and contracts involving money ward of buying and selling, leasing, mortgage and loan, and others.

3. Self-divided state when the tap, according to the event ward into two parts: the first: the mandate inevitably positive. The second: the mandate and mustahabb scar.

4. That extravagance lightness Taatari rights of Abu to act in his otherwise appropriate reason and Shara, with the survival of the mind, it is light in human and not a decrease mind or not mind, but a full-fledged all assignments legitimacy not waived discourse in human-Shara and the subjects because of foolishness.