Midad AL-Adab Refereed Quarterly Journal

Midad AL-Adab Refereed Quarterly Journal


The importance of the Middle East being located in the heart of the ancient world and strategic niche that played a role in the wars and conflicts that have taken place in the region, after the discovery of oil turned international attention from the site to the wealth buried in the land, which extended its impact on the economies of the world industrial and agricultural advanced and backward is greater than conventional wars.

The outbreak of the First World War British influence reached maximum degree in the area of the coast of Oman in particular and the Gulf in general. The objective of the First World War tearing the Ottoman-German alliance and prevent Germany from access to Middle East oil. The aim was to stop the escalating economic awful to Germany after being replaced coal in the operation of their ships to oil Vhakqgua big scoop on the British fleet. The political goal was tearing the Ottoman Empire and the liberalization of the European parts of them and give them independence while the occupation of the Arab parts of them ...!

Britain felt that its presence in the Arabian Gulf is a national interest and became part of its strategy, but remain a superpower, and the strategy to prevent a stronger European country politically and economically.

The continued excellence of British influence in the Gulf and increased established after the end of the First World War because of war conditions and developments led to the strengthening of the foundations of the British strate

First topic: topic addressed the topic of the Arab oil and the western competition to control it, and had to go the British about it has been linked to British national interests and promised a strategic objective in its foreign policy. So British competition intensified with other Western countries, and fought the First World War for control of the oil resources of the British oil company _ Persian then British oil company _ Turkish. And drove out the Ottoman state, which is one of the Axis powers in World War One. After its occupation of the region, including Iraq and the Arabian Gulf and the bets that linked them to Britain in creating crises between nations the occupied and between nations Her wealth, including the problem of Mosul in Iraq.

The second topic: the U.S. approach and included race with Britain to acquire the region's oil wealth and access to privileges extraction, production and export so dependent on its economic growth and steady growth after World War One. Using this variety of methods in order to consolidate its presence in the region and in the world. Taking advantage of this crisis that befell those that participated in the first World War and after the Second World War.

The third topic: it highlighted the privileges of oil and the emergence of competing British American in order to get greater benefits and maintain them, and then to control the oil resources as taking conflict oil between Britain and the United States new images and dimension largest has exploited the U.S. World War II to expand its influence widely in Iraq The study also included a conclusion and a list of sources and references

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