Midad AL-Adab Refereed Quarterly Journal

Midad AL-Adab Refereed Quarterly Journal


Standing this research to giving the ferocity pronunciation in verse Al- Koran , there studying objectivism study to show Koran meaning for objectivism verse with all part and research project show in the introduction with prelusion and three part , final part containment important result .

  1. Prelusion contain the definition verse phonetic custom and language .
  2. First part : contain pride and barren Camel .
  3. Second part : contain shafting infidelity aberration fate
  4. Third part : contain village inhabited fate . However , the result we find in this research show as instrumentalist .
  5. Gathering symmetrical phonetic at the same one derivation raise all student for Koran on the phonetic originally meaning . Thus, meaning succession .
  6. Warning punishment prevailing all the people , we have it example about it in barren Camel .