Palestine Technical University Research Journal

About the PTURJ

About the PTURJ


Palestine Technical University Research Journal (PTURJ), ISSN (2307-809X electronic, 2307-8081 print) is an open access multidisciplinary peer‐reviewed biannual journal. The first issue of the journal appeared in 2013. It aims to contribute in improving publishing scientific research in the Palestinian community and other places as well. The journal publishes original research papers written in Arabic or English free of charges. There are no fees on publication with PTURJ.


The journal aspires to enable PTUK to have an important role as a research incubator at the national, regional and international levels.


Emphasizing a high quality of scientific research to strengthen its ethics and meet the requirements of publishing distinguished scientific research at the level of scientific staff and research centers to build partnership with researchers in Palestine and international research institutions.


To be considered for the PTURJ, a paper has to be well written, original and not published or submitted, in whole or part, elsewhere. Well written survey articles of current interest by experts are also welcomed. Publication will be upon a positive recommendation from an expert in the main field of the paper. Manuscripts must be in clear, unambiguous and grammatically correct language.


PTUKRJ supports open access (OA) of accepted articles making the papers free for reading upon publication on the website of the journal and the PTUK repository. All accepted papers will be immediately published online which gives authors the advantage of zero waiting time for the officially accepted paper to be published.


Articles published in PTURJ are indexed in PTUK Repository, Google Scholar, Croddref, DOI, and Association of Arab Universities. The PTUKRJ is willing to be indexed in other databases such as Scopus.