Palestine Technical University Research Journal

Policies and Guidelines


Palestine Technical University Research Journal is a multi-disciplinary journal accepting original research papers, short communications, and reviews written in Arabic or English. Papers must be well written without grammatical or language mistakes. Also, papers must be original and add value in the field of research of the authors.


Authors should use the journal templates (English Template or Arabic Template) without changing the format. The articles should be written in the following style

  1. Title: in Arabic and English, Authors names and affiliations and the email of the corresponding author
  2. Abstract: not more than 250 words in Arabic and English stating the objective of the study, methods used, results, and recommendation. No citation or statistical analysis should be mentioned in the abstract
  3. Keywords: 3-5 words to allow others to find the work on search engines. The keywords should be mentioned in the title of the article
  4. Article structure:
    • Introduction: state the subject of the article, problem, hypothesis, and objectives. Detailed literature review and results are not included in the introduction
    • Literature review: should explain the added value of the manuscript
    • Material and Methods: provide details on how was the work done to allow others to reproduce them. Published methods must be Cited.
    • Results: should be concise and clear
    • and discussion: explains the importance of the results and not repeating them. Results and discussion can be combined under one heading.
    • Conclusion.
  5. Tables: must be placed next to their relevant text. Tables must be numbered according to their appearance in the text. Tables must be submitted as editable text, not as images. The title of the table is written above it and notes are placed under the table. Use Sakkal Majala font size 11 in the table and 10 in the notes.
  6. Table number and title are written in embedded in the table
  7. No side or internal borders of tables
  8. Figures are placed next to their appearance in the text. Captions and numbers of figures are written under the figures.  Font sizes of captions and notes are 11 and 10, respectively.
  9. Use Arabic numbers (1,2,3…)
  10. Line spacing is single
  11. Page margins: 1” top and bottom, 1.5” right and left
  12. Use Sakkal Majala Font in all manuscript parts
  13. Font sizes:
  14. Title: 14 bold
  15. Authors 12 bold
  16. Authors affiliations 10 bold
  17. Main headings 14 bold
  18. Subheadings 12 bold
  19. Text 12 normal
  20. The main heading are written upper case and subheadings are written lower case


  1. Use our online system to submit your papers.
  2. Upload the manuscript only in Word and PDF format
  3. For revision purposes, appendices can be uploaded but will not be included in the paper
  4. The length of papers is 12 pages maximum (English) and 16 pages (Arabic) including tables, figures, and references.
  5. Submit the papers using only the journal template.
  6. Number pages at the bottom.
  7. Use continuous line numbering.
  8. Do not mention author names in the acknowledgments.
  9. Authors are recommended to consult language experts in proof editing of their papers
  10. Use citation according to the journal style (PTURJ Citation Formate).
  11. Cited Arabic references must be translated into English (Arabic References Translation).

Download Publication Guidelines for Publishing with PTURJ