Palestine Technical University Research Journal


The current study aimed to analyze the content of the technology book for the secondary stage in Palestine according to logical thinking and to indicate thedegree to which it represents the levels of logical thinking as indicated by Piaget. Technology book for the eleventh and twelfth grades, scientific and literary. The results of the study showed that the total skills of my technology book for the academicyear (2020-2021) is (463). Where the skill of installation ranked first with a percentage of (27.8%), followed by the skill of organization with a percentage of (25.51%) in the second place, and then came the skill of evaluation in the third place with a percentage of (23.83%).In light of the findings of the researchers, they recommended the necessity of subjecting the development processes of the content of my technology book for the secondary stage to sound scientific planning that ensures its inclusionin various types of educational experiences in a balanced manner.