Palestine Technical University Research Journal


The model for the solvent extraction of palm kernel oil from palm kernel was generated for the process at varying particle sizes of palm kernel, temperature of extraction, duration of extraction and mass of palm kernel respectively using Least Square Linear Equation. Petroleum ether was used as solvent to carry out the extraction in a soxhlet apparatus. The percentage oil yield was determined for every extraction carried out. The experimental results obtained showed that percentage oil yield decreases with increase in particle size and mass, but increases with increase in the temperature and duration of extraction. The characterization of the extracted oil was also done to determine its physiochemical properties, which revealed palm kernel oil as a non-drying oil. Statistical analyses of each variable studied and its corresponding oil yield was carried out followed by the modeling of the extraction process for each parameter using least square linear equation. The interpretation of the model developed revealed a model which was significant in the variations obtained from the experimental results.