Palestine Technical University Research Journal


The study aims at finding the results of applying the criteria of governance on the development of human resources in the big local organizations in Qalqilya. It also attempts to find the importance, criteria and indications of governance and requirements to measure their effects on human resources development. The researcher used the analyticaldescriptive method to achieve the aims using a questionnaire designed for the purpose. It was distributed to a random sample of 20% of local organizations’ workers in Qalqilya, Azzoun, Hablah, Kufr-Thulth and Jayyous. The results of the study assured the positive effective role of applying the governance on the human resources development in the local organizations in Qalqilya without being affected by the variables of gender, organization’s location, nature of position, qualifications and experience.The researcher recommended some special recommendations for the local governance, such as increasing the need for the local governance supervision to apply its principles and criteria in the local organizations as a result of the Palestin-ian situation specialty , in addition to consolidating the tasks of censorship by following, practising and implementing the criteria of governance in the big local organizations and in the administrative and financial censorship bureau such as consolidating the rule of law, because it has an impact on the set of the local organizations work. This is reflected on the performance of the periodical censorship on the municipality organizations and councils' work. Other recommenda-tions for its necessity to apply the governance principles and criteria in the local organizations due to their pivotal role in the development and enhancement of human resources through training to enhance the awareness of employees and the general beneficiaries on governance in the big local organizations.It is reflected on the decisions of these organiza-tions and their quantitative and qualitative performance on the provided services and enhance the ability of the benefi-ciaries demand to be achieved through workshops and seminars.