Palestine Technical University Research Journal


The family is considered as the nucleus of human societies. Interest in them and preserving its adherence together is preserving the adherence to together of the society. It is true that the adherence together of the family starts from its inside, but it is connected with many systems that support it and make it able to face the change which occur in human life. From here the teaching and educational system forms the most im-portant of these systems in reinforcing security in general and family security in particular. Teaching is based in its formation on three basic axes: the teacher, the teaching curricula and the student. From here this research comes to uncover the role of the Palestinian teaching curricula in reinforcing family security, and this is through clarifying the relationship of the direct and indirect school curricula in raising the awareness which is connected with preserving an integrated and stable family, which is able to face the requirements of life under globalization and openness on the world on the one hand, and facing the attempts of Occupation which aim to control the Palestinian society through controlling the family.The interest by the teaching curriculum means providing teaching materials which preserve the family on the levels of security, the creed, thought and ethics. All of this prevents all that which penetrates intothe family and contributes in its disassembling and its collapse.It is no doubt that the teaching curricula remain the hostage of the books without the availability of teaching staffs who have the ability to transform the theoretical subjects into a life behavior through evaluating the reality , and helping in spreading the culture can contributes in holding the family together, and that the position of the teacher is not restricted to delivering the teaching subject, but rather it goes beyond it toevaluating and evaluating its role in influencing the social life which is connected with the students.This study comes to know the role of the Palestinian curricula in reinforcing the family security from the point of view of teachers of the secondary stage of education