Palestine Technical University Research Journal


The aim of the study was to examine the relationship between the application of the principles of sustainable leadership and the achievement of technical innovation in Palestinian pharmaceutical companies. The analytical descriptive approach was used, and the research population consisted of (155) supervisors working in (5) companies. The researchers used the census sampling method and retrieved (133) responses with a (85.5%) response rate. The results showed that the levels of principles of sustainable leadership and that of technical innovation were medium with weight means (65.81) and (55.6) respectively. The study also revealed that a significant relationship existed between sustainable leadership and the promotion of technical innovation, and that sustainable leadership significantly influenced the following dimensions of sustainable leadership (sustainability of learning and success, sustainability of leadership of others, retention of human and physical resources, and social justice); whereas its influence on active integration with the environment was weak. The study recommended that the pharmaceutical companies adopt a long-term vision to pre-serve the sustainability of learning and success for all and benefit from the successful experiences of others taking into account the current and future variables and the nature of the prevailing culture and the different environmental variables.