Palestine Technical University Research Journal


This study aims to identify the effect of using the guided discovery method on learning a dynamical system on the steady rings of the students of the Department of Physical Education. The sample of the study consisted of (40) male students who registered for gymnastics (2) course in the Department of Physical Education at the Technical University of Palestine for the fall semester of academic year 2017 / 2018, (20) of them who have no previous experience in performing on the steady rings were selected intentionally, then divided into two groups, each of (10) students, one of which was experimental, where the guided discovery method was applied on them, and the other group was traditional, they were taught using traditional method. The researchers then applied the educational program on the study sample for six weeks consecutively, with three classes per week, which all amounted to eighteen classes each of 60 minutes. After finishing the educational program, the researchers did the post-evaluation of the student’s performance on the steady rings to identify the effect of the mentioned educational method on improving the student’s performance, The researchers used arithmetic means, standard deviations, skewness coefficient, T-test for the differences before and after the experiment on each group of the study sample. The results showed that there were statistically significant differences between the before and after measurements in favor of the after ones, The results of the differences in the after measurements between the control group and the experimental group showed that there are statistically significant differences in favor of the experimental group in the level of learning the technical performance on the steady rings during the study. The researchers recommend the use of the guided discovery at learning the technical performance on the steady rings