Palestine Technical University Research Journal


The study aimed to identify the relationship between talent management and enhancing the competitive advantage of some sports federations in the Egyptian and Bahraini societies, in addition to the difference in this ac-cording to the variables of both experience and level of employment. To achieve this, the researchers used both Talent Management and Competitive Advantage quetion air as a tool to collect data and information from a sampling sample of (50)and a core sample of (247)board members and employees of Egyptian and Bahraini sports federations. The results of the study showed that there is no relationship between the methods of managing human talent between the Egyptian and Bahrain sports federations. There is a positive relationship in the quality of talent in the Bahraini unions and creativity in the Egyptian and Bahraini federations. The results also indicate that there is no difference between the Bahraini and Egyptian federations in the management of sports talents and the promotion of competitive advantage due to the variables of experience and level of employment. Researchers have recommended that specific criteria be used to attract sports talent and retain competencies to reduce the cost of spending on sports talent.