Palestine Technical University Research Journal


The study aimedto identify the effects of behavioral disorders among people with special needs in public basic schools in the northern West Bank on school adjustment from the teachers’ point of view. To achieve the objectives of the study, data was collected by 40 questionnaire composed of 45 paragraph were distributed to the study sample which consisted of teachers of the special needs in public basic schools in the West Bank.Data has been encoded and processed using SPSS program, the researcher used the descriptive approach due to its suitability to the study purposes and to show a degree of sincerity and stability percentage (87,8). The results showed that the highest responses were to the academic field followed by the social field then the psychological. The responses to the total degree was agree with percentage (3.65), and there were no statistically differences at the level of significance (0.05≤a) in the effects of behavioural disorders of people with learning disabilities in the basic public school in the northern West Bank on school adjustment from the point of view of teachers due to the gender, age, and years of experience of the teacher.The researcher recommended in the light of the results of the study to aware the teachers of learning disabilities to deal with the skills and communicate effectively with people with learning difficulties. The study also recommended adopting an effective educational policy towards full support for people with learning difficulties as well as equitable diversification of services and providing the appropriate educational environment for them in regular schools.