Palestine Technical University Research Journal


The study aimed to identify the obstacles facing the school administration in applying the e-learning in the primary stage schools in Gaza -Palestine. The researcher adopted the analytical descriptive method for conducting the study. The study was applied a random stratified sample of principals and teachers whom working in primary schools in Gaza Governorate, (38) principals and (154) teachers, and for the purpose of data collection and identify the most important obstacles, the researcher using a questionnaire that includes several axes (physical -humanities -ad-ministrative –and technical obstacles) The results showed that all item questionnaires were obstacle to apply e-learning at primary schools in Gaza, the relative weight of the total score was (71.34), the most obstacles was the physical obsta-cles, then technical obstacles, human obstacles , and administrative obstacles got less obstacles. The results showed no differences between principals and teachers aboutthe most important obstacles in applying the e-learning at pri-mary schools in Gaza, as the results showed that public schools face obstacles to greater degree of belonging to, UNRWA schools and private schools in applying the e-learning . The study recommended the need to guide the senior educational leadership efforts towards the development of an educational framework of a coherent and systemic formulation of educational philosophy and a clear vision for the applying of e-learning. And attention to the develop-ment of traditional learning environment to become valid and suitable for the applying of e-learning