Palestine Technical University Research Journal


This study aims to identify the most anthropometric and physical abilities which contributes with (50)m crawl swimming performance in Tulkarem govrnorate. The measurements of young swimmers aged between (13-15) years old were taken. This study followed the descriptive approach. Nineteen anthropometric measure-ments and five physical abilities measurements as well as timing of swimmers in crawl swimming for (50) m were taken. SPSS was used to analyze the data. The study sample consisted of (39) young swimmers. The study reported a correlation statistically significant at the level of significance (α ≤ 0,05) between some anthro-pometric measurements (body mass, total length, the length of lower limb, the length of palm, and arms index) and (50) m performance, as well as the existence of a statistically significant correlation at the level of signifi-cance (α ≤ 0,05) between some of the physical abilities (legs’ muscles strength, back muscle strength, grip strength, arms’ muscles strength, abdominal muscles strength, and pelvic joint flexibility) and performance in swimming.