Palestine Technical University Research Journal


The research aims to study the relationship between the management strategies of the small projects of the workers in their dimensions: (Project phase strategy, making decisions, the project management strategy of financial production, Marketing Productive Management Strategy, the strategy of managing productive legal projects) with satisfaction with life dimensions: (Psychological compatibility, Self-compliance, Work environment, and Social compatibility).The research sample consisted of 102 persons working in four small projects, "Ceramics -Bamboo -Serma -Hand Carpets". They were selected in a pesky-purpose manner from the employees of these projects in Sakiet Abu Shaara village, Sentris, Menoufia Governorate and 10th of Ramadan City. "General data form", "Project Management Strategies scale", and "measure of satisfaction with life" were applied. The study followed the descriptive and analytical approach.The data were categorized and analyzed using appropriate statistical methods through the SPSS statistical program such as number and percentages, arithmetic mean, standard deviation, T-test, Pearson correlation coefficient, Chi-square and F-test. Themost important results are related to the relationship between the project management strategy and the financial productivity and self-compliance at the level of significance of 0.01, which means that the realization of the requirements of the project in terms of finance and meet the needs, resulting in self-compatibility. There is also a correlation between the project management strategy and the business environment at the level of 0.01 meaning that whenever the project needs to be met in terms of funding and meet the needs of the project as this leads to compatibility with the place of residence of the project and the surrounding environment, there is an inverse correlation Between the social situation and the decision-making at the level of significanceof 0.01, which means that the greater the number of employees are married the less ability to make the decisions needed in those small projects, which means the impact of the ability to make decisions on the social situation of the individual.There were statistically significant differences between the averages of the different projects in terms of the overall project management strategy according to the dwelling. The highest value was for the medium in the ceramics project and the lowest in the hand carpets where the ceramic represents the highest average 2.000 while the carpets represent the lowest average by 1.809 at the level of significance 0.1. There were significant differences between the mean of the various projects in terms of satisfaction with total life according to the dimension of psychological compatibility and the highest value for the average in the hand carpet project where the results showed that the average and standard deviation of hand carpets is (23.745 ± 4.38) The recommendations of the government, decision-makers and ministries to establish a culture of entrepreneurship and motivate young people to set up private projects through the media, paying attention to the enactment of laws on small projects to motivate young people to establish and develop small and micro enterprises, In various stages to ensure the success and continuity of the project.