Palestine Technical University Research Journal


This research aims to study the relationship and impact between the application of managerial innovation and the strategy of entrepreneurship in terms of (creativity, offensive competition, proactive, and risk-taking) in the Palestinian Islamic Development Company as a case study. The research followed the descriptive analytical method, based on the methodology of modeling structural equations through the use of the Advanced Statistical Analysis Program (Smart PLS3) to test the study hypotheses. The research community consists of the employees working in the company's supervisory sites, who number (80) members, and a comprehensive inventory method was chosen to collect the study data. The results of the statistical analysis proved that there is a correlation and impact between the dimension of administrative innovation and the entrepreneurial strategy for workers in the Islamic Palestinian Development Company. In addition, the results of the statistical analysis showed the acceptance of sub-assumptions between the dimension of management innovation and the dimensions of the entrepreneurial strategy in terms of (creativity, offensive competition, proactive, and risk appropriation). The impact of this research shows the necessity for the company to focus on enhancing administrative innovation and the components of the entrepreneurial strategy by removing all obstacles that prevent it from reaching individuals; by giving workers complete freedom in creating modern management methods to get rid of the rigidity of the organizational structure, and trying to create a section on innovation from Those with creative and entrepreneurial ideas in line with the requirements of the times.