Palestine Technical University Research Journal


This study aimed at investigating the status of school health in the Governorate of Hebron and the way to develop them. The study population consisted of all teacher members of the health committees and their coordinators, in Governorate of Hebron. In academic year 2017/2018, (1482) committee members. The researcher used questionnaire to collect data. The questionnaire sample was randomly stratified, and consisted of (250) members. The researcher developed (40) items questionnaire that covers the aspects of the status of school health. The study results revealed that, the degree of estimation of the teacher members of school health and the coordinators to the status of school health principals in the Governorate of Hebron is high in the four fields of the questionnaire (health services, school nutrition and canteen, education and health promotion, school environment. There were statistically significant differences between the estimation of the sample study members for status of school health attributed to the variables of school gender. However, the result didn’t reveal difference attributed to the variables of: Directorate of education, educational level, school location, years of experience, job description