Palestine Technical University Research Journal


This study aimed to identify Awareness of the high elementary school student' use of the social networking sites on the Internet, the study was applied on the students of Tulkarem-Palestine schools (11759) Students. The re-searcher used the analytical descriptive method because of its suitability for the purposes of the study. The sample of the study was chosen in the cluster method from 27 schools with 879 students. The researcher prepared a questionnaire consisting of (30) verifiable items. Statistical packages (SPSS) were used for data processing through the use of the following statistical processors: Percentages and arithmetic averages, single-variance analysis, alpha-Cronbach correlation coefficient, the study found the following important results: There were statistically significant differences in the use of the elementary students of the social networking sites due to the sex variables and the grade for the benefit of males and the eighth grade, respectively. There were also no differences according to the variables: place of residence, level of the father's education, level of mother's education, and access to social networking sites. The study recommended that experimental studies should be carried out in order to provide awareness programs for students to fill their leisure time and guide them in the and safe way to use social net-working sites.