Palestine Technical University Research Journal


This study aimed to identify the attitudes of math teachers towards the use of electronic education in the secondary schools in Tulkarm Governorate, the study also identified the impact of the study variables (gender, educational qualification, experience, and the ability to use the computer) on the attitudes of teachers. The researchers used the descriptive analytical method, the study sample consisted of (83) male and female teachers (36) of them are female teachers and the remaining others (47) are male teachers, the researchers used a questionnaire which consists of (35) items, which were applied in the second semester of the academic year (2019/2020) ).The results of the study showed that the attitudes of the sample members towards e-learning were medium average, the results of the study showed that there were many differences in the attitudes according to the gender variable and in favor of males, and no differences appeared or emerged according to other variables. The researchers presented many recommendations and suggestions, the most important of them are: holding scientific courses, and seminars with the aim of spreading awareness and knowledge of e-learning and its benefits on the educational process and encouraging teachers to practice different types of e-learning, as well as studying students' attitudes toward using e-learning.