Palestine Technical University Research Journal


The study aimed to identify the measurement and analysis of the impact of the use of financial health indicators on the market value of banks listed on the Palestine Stock Exchange, and to answer the research questions and test the hypotheses of the study, the researchers relied on the descriptive analytical method, and collected data from the annual financial reports of the targeted banks during the period Between (2009-2018), as a time series for the purpose of analyzing and measuring the impact between the study variables during this period with (60) views per variable of the study, using the statistical analysis program 9 Eviews, and(EXCEL) to enter, process and analyze the data. The results of the field study also showed that there is a statistical correlation between financial health indicators and the market value of banks according to the Tobin's Q model, and that 85.5 percent of the population is in the same situation. The change in the dependent variable is due to the change in independent variables, and the remaining percentage (14.5%) Due to the change in other factors not included in the study such as (dividends and future profit, costs of all kinds, exchange rates, volume of investments). The study also recommended the need to conduct an ongoing assessment of the level of financial health to encourage banks to comply with all their items, and topublish the results of the evaluation, as this has an impact on banks benefiting their reputation and value in the market.